Learn to Drive Quickly

Pass Your Driving Test in just 1 or 2 weeks with an Intensive Driving Course.

The UK Department of Transport found that, on average taking 1 or 2 hours of lessons per week takes around 14 months to be ready for your test. This makes it the longest and most expensive route to passing your test

Intensive Driving Courses however have been proven to be the fastest way forlearner drivers  to learn everything they need to take and pass their driving test, and it can all be done in just 1-2 weeks.

At Freemans Driving Academy, we offer a range of courses to suit your particular needs,s and based on any past driving experience that you may have.

Experienced Course  - 12 Hour Course - £336.00*

A 3 day course designed for if you have recently failed atest,t or have substantial driving experience and need to brush up your driving. This twelve hour course may also be suitable for an international licence holder wishing to gain a full UK licence.

Practiced Course - 16 Hour Course - £ 448.00*

A 4 day course designed for the learner driver who has perhaps failed a test in the last 2 years. You should feel very confident on the road and are able to complete all or most of the manoeuvers to a good standard.

Confident Course - 20 Hour Course - £ 560.00*

A 5 day course suitable for the learner driver who has already gained good car control. Ideally you should feel confident on the road and be able to deal with more complex junctions e.g roundabouts and dual carriageways. You are able to complete all or most of the manoeuvers to a good standard. This twenty hour course may also be suitable for someone who has covered the vast majority of the syllabus over a period of time,e but feel that progress is too slow and wish to finish off with a short intensive driving course and test.

Intermediate Course -28 Hour Course - £784.00*

A comprehensive 7 day course. Consider this course if you already know more than just the basics in terms of moving off and stopping the car and dealing with simple junctions. You should already be familiar with the gears and able to steer competently displaying good use of the 'pull and push method' of steering. Progress should be reasonable in town and to a certain extent out of town where the speed limit is beyond 30 mph.

Novice Course - 32 Hour Course - £ 896.00*

An extensive 8 day course similar to our seven day course above but clients may be slightly older or are returning to learning to drive after a period of time. For a younger novice driver it may be that you have previous limited driving experience. An introduction to the car and the major controls of the vehicle would not benecessary, butd you should be able to deal with junctions and steering to a competent standard. You may have access to private practice prior to the course starting and are feeling confident with all aspects of learning to drive prior to undertaking this thirty two hour course This course is also popular with more mature clients who may be coming back to learning how to drive after a gap of many years, but who still remember more than just the basics..

Beginner Course- 40 Hour Course - £1120.00*

A highly comprehensive 10 daycourse,e designed to cater for thebeginnere learner driver.This entry  level course is very popular with pupils wishing to reach a highstandard,  to drive safely for life. No previous driving knowledge is required for this forty hourcourse,e as your instructor will provide tuition that covers everything from the very basics.

*Test Fees not inclusive, terms and conditions apply